1. What is Whatisthischarge?
Whatisthischarge is platform that helps users affiliated with multiple companies and gives visibility to any complaint(s) or opinion(s) the user has.
2. When my complaint will posted?
Every complaint goes through a screening before being posted, Whatisthischarge does not tolerate any defamation, libel, false reports or slander. We provide a platform in which the users can voice their concerns in order to achieve a successful resolution.
3. Is Whatisthischarge free?
Yes, Whatisthischarge is a free platform that provides an outlet to a user’s opinions.
4. Do I need to create an account?
No, you can post your complaint directly through our form, you do not need to create any account of any sort.
5. About the complains?
Please be as detailed as possible when writing your compliant(s), this will increase the chances of it being resolved and it will help other users. The complaint(s) should be as accurate as possible and properly explain the situation, remember that Whatisthischarge does not tolerate any defamation or false complaints.
6. How do I delete a complaint?
At the moment all complaint submissions are final. If you have any questions please contact us at support@whatisthischarge.com